about us

Can confetti help make the world a better place? We say a huge YES! In our eyes confetti and kindness should be spread far and wide. Particularly our confetti. Why? Because it’s helping create social change.

Yes, all profits from our huge range of confetti go toward m.a.d.woman foundation projects to support people doing it tough. In fact, most of the profits from the sale of every product in the m.a.d. shop supports our charitable purposes (we do have a few expenses to cover here and there!).  

Your purchase might go towards providing beanies for homeless people. Or it might fund bibs and burp cloths for babies in needy situations. Maybe your purchase will help us provide items to give dignity to women and children in shelters fleeing domestic violence.

We could be doing a project to support asylum seekers, long term unemployed people trying to get a foot up or it could being providing a treat for kids and adults who are unwell. What about people who have survived disasters such as bushfires, floods and earthquakes? We’ve helped many facing those situations too as well as people going through a wide range of other issues.

There are so many people who could use our help – we’ve touched the lives of more than 300,000 so far! You can read more about our good work at www.madwoman.com.au and learn ways you can get involved.

If ever there was a reason to shop for good, this is it. Right here, right now. Buy something for yourself and something for others, knowing that these are the gifts that keep giving.