monthly mystery boxes – (some DIY required)

Clear the kitchen table and get crafty with our new monthly m.a.d. mystery boxes. Each month we’ll create new packs filled with products valued at more than what you are paying for.

So what’s in a m.a.d. mystery box? It’s likely to include some of our popular in-store products but we’ll be adding some extra-awesomeness in the form of embellishments and goodies that are not even for sale in our shop.

You’ll be getting limited edition, cool stuff that for whatever reason, just won’t make it into our store.

Sometimes we don’t have much of a particular material to make it worthwhile producing a whole range.  We’ve got some items that are just that little bit too fiddly for us to put together in packs.

There are times when we have a number of one-off designs featured on the same product (like cute-as embossed notebooks), and seriously, who would have time to photograph each and every one of those?

Some items we just love, but in reality, they are just not cost effective for us to make on a large scale so you might be lucky and get some of those!

What’s cool about these boxes, is that each one is likely to have different contents from another – we love a good surprise!

Each month we’ll be creating boxes with a new range of items to inspire creative gifts and crafts all year round.

This box is best suited to you if you are this person: I’ve got my glue stick in one hand and glitter in the other and can’t wait to start creating! I can’t wait to wow people with my crafty creations! I know not everything in my mystery box will need something doing to it, but I’m excited about the possibility of activities! Yes, I know I will need my own glue, sticky tape, scissors and all that other cool stationery that I have oodles of for any situation. 

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