mystery boxes (no assembly required)

Sometimes we great things come in surprise packages and our m.a.d. mystery packs hold all manner of goodies. They might have limited edition items or include some of our beautiful items already stocked in our store.

Sometimes we have very small numbers of products or not enough materials to justify doing a full range. Or it might be that there are fiddly instructions so it’s just easier for everyone if we make them up already...

Whatever the reason, we’re committed to value-adding to these packs to make the gamble of buying sight unseen pay off.

Each month we will be creating new boxes. It’s also unlikely that during any given month any box contents will be the same as another – and that’s the beauty of surprises right there!

This box is best suited to you if you are this person:  Happy to take a gamble on getting a box of surprise goodies but you wouldn’t catch me with a glue gun if you paid me!

Yeah, I know that there won’t be as much in my mystery box as there will be in the one where you have to do some DIY, but that’s the point. Everything will be ready to be used immediately. I like it that way.

Okay, I’m open to having to write my own cards and tags and, yes, I can attach a ribbon should the opportunity arise. And if pushed, I can pop something open from a flattened state.

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